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2015 Annual Flying Stars Forecast

Due to the many request from visitors of this website, it is about time that Malaysia I Ching website to present the 2015 Annual Flying Stars Forecast. In 2014, we at Malaysia I Ching website have seen many unfortunate things happened around Malaysia, for examples, natural disasters like landslides, floods and aviation incidents.

Therefore, this year  sincerely hope all readers of this website will take note and apply the suggested feng shui cures for the 2015 annual flying stars in order to protect us and our family from any harm caused by the inauspicious flying stars. One thing Malaysia I Ching website to stress is under the authentic Chinese feng shui, the entrance door is referred as the “mouth of chi”, therefore, every shop or residence where the main entrance and bedroom door is located at the respective sector of the inauspicious 2015 annual flying stars shall apply the appropriate feng shui cure to ensure that the occupants can enjoy a safe and prosperous 2015!

Check the 2015 Annual Flying Stars Forecast here!


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