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Loupan (罗盘)

Also known as Feng Shui compass, is an absolute tool for the Feng Shui practitioner.

The basic function of loupan is similar to a compass as a direction pointer. To differentiate from compass, loupan have Feng Shui formulas embedded into concentric rings on a metal plate known as the heaven dial. In most design, it sits on a wooden base known as the earth plate.

Loupan does not point to north as its western counterpart. Instead it sticks to Feng Shui mapping convention and point to south. Compass in Chinese is “Pointing South Needle” if direct translate from its Chinese word.

Loupan Type

The loupan can be classified into three types. They are the Chong He, San He, and San Yuan loupan. The San He loupan embedded many formulas from the San He or Three Harmony stream while the San Yuan incorporate many formula from the San Yuan or Three Cycles stream. San Yuan Flying Star is an example of a system from the San Yuan stream

For Chong He loupan, it has a combination of formulas from both the San He and San Yuan streams. All three loupan have some formula rings in common. They include the 24 mountains, early and later heaven arrangement.

There are also some loupan in the market that special design where incorporates the Gua numbers and directions from the Eight Mansions stream which is meet the need of individual.





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